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Licensed + Bonded + Insured for $1 Million

Do you love what you do? We spend most of our lives working, why shouldn't you love what you do? Many of the contractors that Seattle Cleaning Service employs have worked withme for over 15 years. I proudly offer a safe, discrimination-free work environment for individuals from all walks of life.

I supply jobs for my contractors based on their expertise and schedule, and contractors are paid upon job completion.

I Can Offer my Contractors:

SEattle Cleaning Service, work with us, contracted home cleaning service
  • Flexible schedules, which are perfect for students, a side hustle, busy parents, or simply for people who want time to do something they love other than work!

  • Choice of Job Assignment

  • On the Job Training

  • No use of harsh chemicals or other cleaning materials that are hazardous to your health.

  • Fair Wages and Prompt Payment

  • Client Screening for Appropriate Contractor Fit

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Contractor Highlight - Welela

My name is Welela Hagos and I am from East Aftrica. I started working for Seattle Cleaning Service three years ago. I am learning a lot of different ways to clean from Liz. Every day she is a positive influence in my life because she works hard, and she is kind. She helps find a job for you with good payment and good schedule.

I have lived in West Seattle for nine years now and am U.S. citizen. Liz even drove me to my citizenship ceremony!

Welela pictured at right with Liz after cleaning the West Seattle Food Bank.

Contractor Highlight - Claudia

If you are an independent contractor who is looking for a cleaning company that offers flexibility of hours, choice of jobs, excellent training and above all, a high hourly rate, then contact Seattle Cleaning Service.

I have been an independent contractor for Liz off and on for over 20 years. I don’t have to look for work, she finds the jobs and makes the arrangements. The hourly rate is above the average in Seattle, and I get paid once the job is done. This is a wonderful company to work for, Liz interviews all potential clients to ensure that her contractors have a good experience working in their homes.

I wanted a job that I did not have to show up every day for 8 hours for measly pay. Finding Seattle Cleaning Service has made it easy for me to set my own schedule, which allows me the time to do what I love, playing tennis. If you are a student, a homemaker, a retiree, man or woman, you cannot go wrong contracting for Seattle Cleaning Service.

Claudia pictured at right with Liz at the San Gennaro Festival