What our customers have to say...

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Fran Y. - Director, West Seattle Food Bank

Seattle Cleaning Services has been our cleaning contractor of choice for several years now. Liz has gone out of her way to provide excellent value and service. I would definitely recommend Seattle Cleaning Service for your personal or commercial cleaning needs.

Karen & Keith C. - West Seattle

My husband and I are “no longer young” and began to realize we needed extra help to maintain, as we liked, our home. Our neighbor recommended Seattle Cleaning Service, so I called, and Liz, upon request, came to our house to discuss the possibility of us hiring her. I’d just completed putting my daily ointment on my knee and answered the door when she knocked. Her first words to me were “I’ll gladly come in, but shouldn’t you put your pants on first”? I looked down and had yet to put my long pants on. I liked her immediately!

Almost a year now, she’s been coming to our home. She brings her own equipment and supplies so we don’t have to worry about it, and she always makes a confirmation call a day or so before each visit to be sure the date is still good for us so no surprises. She cleans (dusts, wipes, vacuums, etc., etc.) the entirety of our upper floor consisting of two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, and both a dining and living area all of which have numerous attractive “nuisances”. Why, she’s even told us about a more efficient way to clean our floor tile and we’ve adopted it. When she’s done not only does she take away any remnants of her cleaning, but our upper floor just “shines”. Absolutely beautiful!!

She’s also personally friendly, trustworthy, extremely hard working, and kind! She cannot be beat!!!

Lisa W. - Capitol Hill, Near Volunteer Park

Where to even begin with praise for this fantastic company??? Liz and co. have been cleaning for me since 2003, when we needed clean-up after we refinished the floors in our then-new house and picked Seattle Cleaning Service at random out of the Yellow Pages. That was one of the luckiest things we’ve ever done! My house is always immaculate after she’s been here, and I have taken comfort in her use of green products, especially when my kids were babies. She is meticulous with communication and scheduling, and I can only think of one or two times in nearly 20 years she’s had to reschedule due to an emergency. I love using a service where the owner also does the cleaning themselves. I work from home, so I can attest first-hand to the fact that she treats her contractors/assistants with respect and kindness—no weird, inhumane rules about not drinking water on the job or abusive demands like you hear about with big companies. She is always happy to adapt to our needs or take on any extra tasks. We are excited when she is coming, happy when she is here, and thrilled with the results when she is finished. It’s no exaggeration to say that I consider her and her workers part of our family.

Ahmed R. - Seattle

Very well done, maids arrived on time and finished on time. They were on top of their job cleaning our 4 bedrooms. Within a few hours, my house was sparkling clean. I am highly detail oriented and it really bothers me when cleaning service people miss small details. That wasn't a concern with this company.

Mara F. - West Seattle, Alki Beach

Liz and Seattle Cleaning Service go above and beyond. If we are out-of-town for an extended period, I know that the house is being well looked after and the smallest concerns are noted and dealt with. Water leaks, garbage pick ups, and getting the mail - Liz has helped us out with all! Liz and Seattle Cleaning Service have also cleaned our home reliably and thoroughly for the last four years. Liz brings us peace of mind.

Ann G. - Bridle Trails, Bellevue

My husband and I were selling our home (3,000 sq ft on 3 levels) and the cleaning service that I had scheduled, of which we were already regular customers, cancelled the move-out deep clean at the last minute. In a panic I went online and did a quick search and Seattle Cleaning Service came up. I called the number, left a message, got a call back within just a few minutes and explained my situation. Liz had a crew at my house in 90 minutes and it seriously has never been cleaner! The windows were sparkling, the cabinets and appliances were pristine inside and out, and they were down on their hands and knees making sure you could eat dinner off the floor and baseboards. Over the course of 2 days they had that house in the best shape it had ever been in. It went on the market the next Monday and we had an offer that night. When I am paying for something I tend to set the bar very high. Liz and her team met and exceeded all of my expectations. They are now my regular cleaning company. Liz is a straight-shooter and pulls no punches. If you need to have something sugar coated then perhaps another company is a better choice. For me, Liz and her team are the best. For those commenting on how many hours it takes please consider that each person working on her team counts toward labor hours. For example: 2 people working 2 hours each equals 4 labor hours. Seattle Cleaning Service puts all other area cleaning services to shame.

Nancy K. - Ballard

We hired Seattle Cleaning Service to clean some areas of our house that I could not get as clean as I like before listing it for sale. Liz was responsive by both email and phone and offered to come by and give me a free estimate so that we would be sure to book the correct number of hours. She is easy to work with and was very flexible to find someone who could work with my tight schedule. Brandon did the work and the place looks amazing! He was on-time, professional and incredibly efficient. The wood floors, which had construction dust caked on them, are shining, as are every surface they were hired to clean. The most pleasant surprise is that the house doesn't smell like bleach or cleaning solutions. I don't know what he used, but it actually smells good. BONUS! We've had our realtor and a stager in and they both commented on how great the house looks. I'm not surprised that the only non-flattering reviews on Yelp are from people who didn't ever hire this company because they are excellent and priced comparably with other companies who don't do as good of a job. I wish I'd found them earlier. I'll hire Liz again for sure in our new home, if they travel to this area of town.

Cynthia C. - Seattle, University Village (Commercial Client)

We have hired Seattle Cleaning Service to do bi-weekly cleaning of our office and are very happy with the quality of service they provide. The owner, Liz Latham, reviewed our needs, gave us an estimate, and then personally trained the young man who cleans twice a month. He is always here on the designated cleaning day and does a thorough job. (We had problems with our past service so his reliability is much appreciated.) Early on, we realized there were a couple of other things he could do while he was here since we were paying for a two-hour minimum. We made the request and these changes were incorporated the next time he came to our office. Liz has personally followed up with us to be sure that we are satisfied with the work. All in all: professional, reliable, friendly, and thorough. We confidently recommend Seattle Cleaning Service.

Cynthia S. - Mercer Island

I have been using Seattle Cleaning Service for as long as they've been in business, which is longer than I can recall. They are the most professional cleaning company I have ever used -- hands down -- and I am a person who is more than a little particular when it comes to cleanliness and thoroughness. Her team of employees always meets my high expectations and standards of how I like things done. I also appreciate that everyone I've used from the company has English as their primary language, so communiation is always effortless. The owner, Liz Latham, has a lot of integrity and prides herself in customer satisfaction and a high level of professionalism. I also use them because they clean with only chemical free, non-toxic cleaning solutions, which is very important to me. I highly reccommend Seattle Cleaning Service in all ways.

Darla A. - Kenmore

I have used Seattle Cleaning Service several times in the last couple of years and have had a great experience. Liz personally cleaned our home and removed some grubby grime from places I didn't know how to clean. She and her staff were very respectful of our belongings and how I wanted things to be cleaned. I can recommend Seattle Cleaning Service with confidence.

Shilo H. - Ballard

Thank you Seattle Cleaning for the "above and beyond service "that you continue to give Ballard Diving & Salvage. Ballard Diving & Salvage has been using your company for years and has been completely satisfied. We appreciate the open communication and the can do attitude. We can always count on our space to be left clean & tidy. I appreciate the great suggestions as well as the open door to give suggestions. I would recommend anyone who is looking for professional cleaning service to call Liz. She is friendly, personable and always has the "How can I assist and help you" attitude. Thank you Seattle Cleaning Service!

Trish F. - Tukwila (Commercial Client)

I hired Seattle Cleaning Service to clean a remodeled food court restaurant. Liz and her team were nothing, but absolutely courteous and professional. They were able to get the restaurant ready for inspection and the Grand Opening in a very short amount of time. There were minor touch-ups needed per the health inspector, and Liz rushed out and completed them immediately, which was greatly appreciated. I highly recommend this company, and will use them for any future jobs I have in the area.

John S.

My wife and I hired Seattle Cleaning Service last year to help us move from Bellevue to Seattle. Their work started by deep cleaning our Bellevue home of 20 years to prepare it for selling. Their efforts brought a polish and shine to the house that helped bring in the offers. We sold the house in 10 days! They have continued to work for us on our "new" 101 year old craftsman home in Seattle. They quickly made our new home lovely and comfortable. We now have them come in every few weeks to keep things the way we like them. Thanks Liz!