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We are not a big company. The largest commercial space we cleaned was for 6 months at the newly opened Interbay Whole Foods. We cleaned 8 hours a day, seven days a week.

We prefer to do smaller commercial jobs so we can better accommodate our clients' needs. Like I said, we are a small company and we like it that way. We currently are taking on jobs that range from 2,000- 4,000 square feet with weekly, monthly, and annual service contracts.

On a typical visit we...

  • Dust all areas including cobwebs in ceilings, recessed lights, mini blinds, and base trim (we will wipe down trim/baseboards if needed).

  • Vacuum all areas and mop all linoleum and hardwoods (for hardwoods we use Murphy’s or a vinegar and water mixture depending on the seal on the hardwoods, and we hand dry Pergo floors immediately after mopping).

  • Surface area wiping in kitchen areas, including any residual dishes. Outside cupboards wiped. Fingerprint wiping on all doorways and walls.

  • Bathrooms - everything scrubbed, wiped, mopped and sparkling.

  • Garbage, recycle and compost removal.

  • We apologize but do clean restaurants or anything involving biohazards.

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The West Seattle Food Bank is our #1 Commercial Client and we love them!

West Seattle Food Bank, Seattle Cleaning Service

The West Seattle Food Bank was founded in 1983 by a group of neighbors that had a common concern for food insecurity in their area. Since then, they have grown to serve the greater West Seattle area distributing over 2.57 million pounds in 2020 alone!

This is currently our largest client and we are so proud to be able to provide them with a clean space to serve our community!

Twice a week we:

  • Sanitize all common areas like their lobby and offices

  • Sanitize all high touch areas

  • Wash all floors with a high power floor scrubber

  • Clean all bathrooms (5) including toilets, sink areas, mirrors, doors, door handles, walls, floors, and all touchable surfaces

  • Clean the kitchen and conference room

  • Dispose of all garbage, recycling, and compost in appropriate dumpsters

  • Clean the garage space and maintain cleanliness of dumpster area so it is free of residual food that could attract vermin or other pests

Learn more about the West Seattle Food Bank here!

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