Welcome to Seattle Cleaning Service!

Licensed + Bonded + Insured for $1 Million

My name is Liz Latham and I started Seattle Cleaning Service in 2003 because I needed an odd job to support my documentary filmmaking passion. Since then, my little company has grown a lot and we are known in Seattle for our green cleaning practices. Our clients are residential, small business, and we specialize in residential move-in / move-out and post-construction cleaning.

Liz dusting the staircase at a client's mansion and passing the peace sign at the West Seattle Food Bank.

Shortly after I started my company, the owner of another local cleaning company demonstrated to me the long-term effects of using harsh commercial cleaning products. Her lungs had a permanent damage from using items like bleach and Tilex over a long period of time.

At that moment I dropped the bleach and harsh chemicals to create a safe and healthy environment for myself, eventual contractors, and most of all, for the homes and businesses of my clients.

We clean the old fashioned way, lots of distilled white vinegar, baking soda and elbow grease. We use environmentally friendly products and my company has become known for our green cleaning practices!

We may be small, but we can achieve big things! Let's talk about environmentally friendly cleaning products for your home or business.

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