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1. a person whose job it is to look after someone or something
·their baby-minder is getting married

  • a bodyguard employed to protect a celebrity or criminal
    "he was accompanied by his personal minder. "

Home Minding

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Home Minder is a service we offer our clients who travel frequently and want someone to keep an eye on their home, mail, and garbage while away. As seen above, minder is a British word. A friend of mine whose husband has dementia, employs a minder to look after him through the day while she works. Keith Richards, not suprisingly, has a minder, and I am here for you for when your home needs minding!

Example: Alki Beach Home

  • Upon arrival walk the perimeter of the property and interior of the home to ensure everything is safe, secure, and undamaged. Notify owner of any guest damage.

  • Minor curb appeal maintenance such as blowing leaves from garage, outdoor stairwells, and perimeter of property.

  • Retrieve mail and bring into the home, filter by removing junk mail, and notify owner of any important post or delivered parcels.

  • Strip bed linens, gather towels, and launder, replace bedding, make the bed, and return folded towels to bathroom once clean.

  • Entire home cleaning before return from travel or after a guest visit.

  • Dispose of all garbage and recyclables, bring receptacles to curb for pick up. Upon pick up return receptacles to their space on the property.

  • On all visits during the perimeter walk document any issue there may be on the property, for example any water leaks, broken appliances, or any other issue and inform the owner providing issue details and photos.

Call or text (206)947-5407 if you have any questions or are interested in our Home Minder Service. *I provide a free initial in-home visit and estimate!

*Due to the West Seattle Bridge closure, Home Minding outside of West Seattle will be subject to an out of area service charge.

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