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What We Do
Residential Services
Seattle Cleaning Service will provide these services on every visit. We honor special requests.


  • Vacuum all hair and lint first before introducing any water to the environment.
  • Clean mirrors with vinegar/water solution. Wipe windowsill and inside window.
  • Toilet: Scrub inside bowl and under the lip with brush. Spray exterior with green cleaning solution let sit while cleaning tub. Wipe cleaning product from toilet bowl with diluted cleaning solution and water in bucket. Dry completely.
  • Sink: scrub and polish. Spray green cleaning solution around fixtures, use toothbrush at base of faucet and any metal edging and around the drain area to remove any black scum. Rinse and dry completely.
  • Bathtub. If there is a surround or tile used for shower, wet completely with bucket full of green cleaning solution. Use plastic brush and solution for any mildew areas. Spray green cleaning solution on fixtures. Clean tub with green cleaning solution. Rinse all surfaces with water, then dry completely.
  • Wipe edges of toilet paper roll dispenser and towel racks where dust collects. Wipe doors where dust collects and wipe away any visible fingerprints on doors or cabinetry.
  • Mop floor with a green cleaning solution.


  • Vacuum: floor, all crumbs in range top and toaster oven.
  • Wipe all countertops (that means lifting up all items on counter areas).
  • Wipe off all appliances on counters.
  • Wipe and scrub if need be the inside of microwave.
  • Clean insides of toaster ovens.
  • Wipe all smudges and fingerprints off of fridges and stoves, walls and door trims.
  • Wipe any food spills off of walls, cabinets.
  • Vinegar/water solution windows behind kitchen sink or any framed picture that might have water splashes on them.
  • Vinegar/water solution any other windows in kitchen that might have fingerprints on them.
  • Remove range top pans from stove and clean them out, dry and replace so that range top looks new.
  • Wash any dishes in sink and put in the dishwasher or lay on a clean towel on counter to dry.
  • Scrub kitchen sink with green cleaning solution and faucet fixture the same way as bathroom sinks.
  • Mop floor with a green cleaning solution.


  • Dust all furniture, window sills, door frames, base trim.
  • Vinegar/water solution any mirrors and wipe any fingerprints from furniture or door frames.
  • Straighten bed linen or change bed linen depending on the client's request.
  • Vacuum all floor area including underneath beds.
  • Mop floor with a green cleaning solution, Murphy's or a vinegar and water mixture (depending on floor type and the seal on hardwoods).

Living Room

  • Dust all furniture, base trim, windowsills, inside light bulbs of lamps, wipe fingerprints and smudges from any walls or trim, vacuum all upholstered furniture including the pillows and underneath the seat cushions on all chairs and sofas.
  • Straighten blankets and pillows on all couches and chairs and fold them neatly (shaking out any animal hair first).
  • Vacuum all floor space
  • Mop floor with a green cleaning solution, Murphy's or a vinegar and water mixture (depending on floor type and the seal on hardwoods).

Dining Room

  • Dust and polish all furniture including chair rungs on all chairs, wipe base trim and door trim for dust and fingerprints, wipe windowsills, mop floor with a green cleaning solution, Murphy's or a vinegar and water mixture (depending on floor type and the seal on hardwoods).

Trash and Recycling Removal

  • Collect all trash from every trash receptacle in house and take outside to bin.
  • Replace all trash bags with new bags provided by owner.
  • Make sure to put recycling in the proper bins.

Other Services

We also offer:

  • Girl Friday: At some of the homes we clean for Seattle Cleaning Service there have been many occasions where our client wants us to do additional duties for them like pick up the laundry, mail, or go check on their house when they are away, or put their garbage cans out while they are away and just helping out with little things like that they just don't have time for. If this sounds like something you need just give me a call. I'd love to help! (206) 947-5407 - prefer work in West Seattle.
  • Pressure Washing
  • Move-In, Move-Out and Construction Cleaning
  • Fireplace cleaned, ceiling fans, windows and screens on windows
References furnished upon request.


Contact us for estimate.

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