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About Us
A Letter from Liz

My name is Liz Latham and I started Seattle Cleaning Service in 2003 because I needed an odd job to support my documentary filmmaking passion.  Since then, my little company has grown a lot and we are known in Seattle for our green method cleaning practices.  Our clients are residential and commercial and we also specialize in residential move-in and move-out and post-construction cleaning.

A few years back, the owner of another local cleaning company demonstrated to me the sound of her lungs when exhaling.  It sounded like an dreadful wheeze, like the sound of air going through wax paper.  She told me this was permanent lung damage from overexposure to bleach and Tilex.  I stopped using bleach at that moment and am on a personal crusade to eliminate the use of bleach from the planet and would like to see it removed as a required cleaning agent from our nation’s childcare centers.  This is one law that must change.

We use a lot of distilled white vinegar and clean the old fashioned way.  It’s amazing what you can get sparkling clean with vinegar and baking soda.  There are also some really great all purpose cleaners like Mrs. Meyers and BioKleen that can be used to supplement your biologically friendly cleaning caddy.  We are always available to talk with you about environmentally friendly cleaning products for your home.  Please give me a call if you would like to set up a free initial consultation for an estimate to clean your home or office.  Seattle Cleaning Service Phone:  (206) 782-8220 or cell/text (206) 947-5407 for fastest response.

Warm regards,

Liz Latham

Founder and Owner

p.s.  It’s always the right time of year for a Seattle Cleaning Service gift certificate.  Let your clients, family, or loved ones know how much you appreciate them by giving them a certificate this holiday season.


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